Tai Chi; Contra and English Country Dancing; Jewelry Making

Tai Chi; Contra and English Country Dancing; Jewelry MakingTai Chi; Contra and English Country Dancing; Jewelry Making

Tai chi chuan


the art of moving meditation

Due to concerns about COVID-19, classes are suspended during March 2020.

Classes are held on Monday evenings, 7:00-8:15, in North Central Phoenix. Contact peghesley@cox.net  for details.

Tai chi chuan is a Chinese martial art taught as a meditation called the Form. The Form consists of slow, graceful movements designed to promote relaxation. Self-defense imagery provides spatial clarity ensure efficient and effective movement. Tai chi as a discipline, offers the opportunity for peace.

Movement as metaphor

Using the movements and images provided by the story in the form, the students of tai chi gain spatial awareness and achieve both internal and external balance. Throughout our lives, we develop habits that prevent our movement from being safe, efficient, and effective. These postural patterns affect the way we walk, hold our phones, reach for our loved ones, and interpret the movement of others. They also affect the way our bodies handle stress. Change is necessary in our lives, and often, positive events cause stress, adding excitement, motivation and creativity to our lives. We do not need to eliminate stress, only learn how ro live with it in a healthy way.

These classes are designed for those

  • Seeking mind/body/spirit awareness
  • Coping with stress
  • Wanting safe exercise
  • Searching for balance, harmony and joy
  • Interested in creativity, play, and transformationTHESE CLASSES ARE 

The Form

I am a student of the long form of the Yang style of Northern China as taught by Marshall Ho'o.


"So relaxing! Your teaching is so clear. Thank you!"    J

"Great class. Safe, easy stretching; everyone can learn at their own pace."    B

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Classes are held on Monday evenings in North Central Phoenix;$10/class

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