Tai Chi; Contra and English Country Dancing; Jewelry Making

Tai Chi; Contra and English Country Dancing; Jewelry MakingTai Chi; Contra and English Country Dancing; Jewelry Making

Hosting a Dance Party


Are you hosting a special occasion?

A barn dance party is a great solution. No experience is necessary to have a great time. I tailor each event to the needs and expectations of the participants. I partner with fiddler extraordinaire, Jeff Thorn, to provide live music. We are known as Sagebrush, and have thrilled participants at birthday parties, weddings, and church events. Each program is designed to guarantee lots of fun for everyone. 

Here’s the information you need to gather before you contact me:

•  Location of the event; indoors or outdoors (address)

•  Type of flooring or dance surface

•  Number and ages of participants

•  Dimensions of the dance space

•  Location of power outlets

•  Will alcohol be served? Will admission be charged?


Fees vary according to the location and length of the event. I can accommodate almost any venue and budget. Please contact me, peghesley@cox.net.


"That was amazing! You pulled all ages and types of people together like no one else could, and we pulled off the surprise party for my sister's birthday."    B

"It was a childhood dream to have dancing like that at my wedding and..it happened! You did it! It was magic to see everyone grinning from ear to ear."    L

"Your skills are such a gift. Thank you."    C

Contact Peg

Birthday parties, weddings, church groups and any other occasion you can think of, Sagebrush has provided the dancing and live music.

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